My Biggest Trading Weakness


In yesterday’s post I discussed how one of my weaknesses is my tendency to overreact to both positive and negative results. While this is certainly something I need to work on, it isn’t my biggest weakness.

My biggest weakness is that I don’t believe in myself.

According to most people, I do an outstanding job at my day job, but if you ask me I’ll tell you that pretty much anyone who shows up every day could replace me.

Pretty much every freelance client I’ve ever had has been impressed by my work, but I am skeptical as to whether or not I could make a living as a writer.

My Amazon business ramped up from nothing to over $6,500 in monthly sales in less than three months, but I’m scared to death that the bottom is going to fall out any minute now.

When it comes to trading, the QG Fund is up 12.5% since I implemented the changes that Cesar Alvarez’s backtesting recommended on March 30. Yet I don’t see myself a successful trader.

Regardless of the path, I am consumed with self-doubt and my mind refuses to acknowledge a future where I am successful. I dream about a future where I am not overworked and exhausted as if it is an impossible fantasy.

The worst part is that while I recognize this as a tremendous weakness, I’m not sure there is anything I can do about it. If you have similar issue, I have no advice to offer other than “I can relate. It sucks.”

My best guess is that the best way to get over this issue is to become successful. The problem is, what the hell does that mean?

The way I see it, my only option is to push forward and keep working towards the goals that my mind tells me are improbable at best. I suggest you do the same. There’s an outside possibility that I’m actually full of shit and well on my way….