Finding a Strategy That Fits Your Time Constraints


In case you haven't noticed, I've dramatically cut back on the amount of posting I've been doing on the site over the past month or so. I've put together a different project that has tremendous potential and is already delivering results, so my time for writing stock-related posts has dwindled to almost nothing. Despite not having much time for the market, my trading has not … [Read more...]

The Failures & Successes of DTAYS


About two and a half years ago, I started Don't Talk About Your Stocks with this crazy idea that I was going to attract hundreds of thousands of readers and make a fortune by allowing brokers to advertise on the site. Perhaps there would even be affiliate marketing deals with particular brokers. I might even be able to sell some ebooks that I made from combining my best posts. … [Read more...]

Mark Minervini’s Master Trader Program

mark minervini

Earlier this year, when I interviewed Mark Minervini for the DTAYS Podcast, he mentioned an upcoming workshop he was planning with Market Wizard David Ryan later this year. Well, later this year is quickly approaching and Mark has been kind enough to offer a sweet discount to any DTAYS readers who are interested in attending. Mark's 2014 Master Trader Program … [Read more...]

A New Idea for the QG Fund


I made some key changes to the rules of the DTAYS Quantitative Growth Fund at the end of the first quarter this year. Since then, I have been focused on following those rules and honestly haven't given a lot of thought to any further development of the strategy. The goal for the rest of 2014 has been to prove that the strategy has a legit edge, just as the backtesting has … [Read more...]

Did You Make Money This Week?


This was one of those weeks where trading seems pretty damn easy. Here were my thoughts on the week from Friday morning: All green again today in the #QGFund. If you aren’t making money this week, you should just quit. — Andrew Selby (@DontTalkStocks) August 29, 2014 …and if you are making money this week, don’t think it’s because you’re special. — Andrew Selby … [Read more...]