The Art of Not Being a Control Freak


Last week, I wrote about two significant weaknesses of mine. I explained that I tend to overreact to both positive and negative results. I also struggle with believing that I am actually capable and deserving of producing success.

Another weakness that has been frustrating me lately is my need to be in control of everything. Anytime something is not producing the results I desire, I want to jump in and fix it, which is not always possible.

This has shown up quite often in my Amazon business. Once I purchase an item, prep the item, and send it in to Amazon, aside from lowering the price there is very little I can do to make the item sell. I simply have to sit and wait.

This doesn’t work well for me. I want to be in control.

My freelance business is a bit more suited to my control freak nature. If I want to earn more money, all I have to do is pound the pavement to drum up some new clients. .My work there translates directly into additional income.

Stock trading is more like the former business. While we can control our entry and exit points, as well as our position sizing, we cannot control where the market is going. This can be frustrating for people who like to be in control.

While I am getting better at letting go of my need to be in control, it has been a difficult journey that is still ongoing. I’ve learned that giving up control and being okay with it is not something you can learn to do overnight.

It’s not a talent that you either have or don’t. Its a skill that you can develop and improve over time through practice. Are you practicing?

Photo Credit: caddymob via Compfight cc