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Finding a Strategy That Fits Your Time Constraints

In case you haven't noticed, I've dramatically cut back on the amount of posting I've been doing on the site over the past month or so. I've put together a different project that has tremendous potential and is already delivering results, so my time for writing stock-related posts has dwindled to almost … Continue Reading...

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A New Idea for the QG Fund

I made some key changes to the rules of the DTAYS Quantitative Growth Fund at the end of the first quarter this year. Since then, I have been focused on following those rules and honestly haven’t given a lot of thought to any further development of the strategy. The goal for the rest of 2014 […]


Did You Make Money This Week?

This was one of those weeks where trading seems pretty damn easy. Here were my thoughts on the week from Friday morning: All green again today in the #QGFund. If you aren’t making money this week, you should just quit. — Andrew Selby (@DontTalkStocks) August 29, 2014 …and if you are making money this week, […]


Full Throttle Trading, Part Time Blogging

For the past few months I have been struggling to make a tough decision. Brooklyn Content is growing at a pace that I simply cannot keep up with. My freelance writing clients continue to supply me with great work for excellent pay, and I believe that there is virtually no limit to the amount of […]